Gaming on Your Schedule

Conclave of Gamers VI is officially a go! It is happening and will be bigger and better than ever before! We are extremely pleased this year that we are joining  forces with B-Con so this is Conclave and B-Con together!

More info coming soon!

A weekend of open gaming!

Conclave of Gamers is an open tabletop gaming convention in Denver, CO. That means no seat fees, and mainly open, unscheduled play. Play what you want, when you want. But we still have lots of scheduled events too, mainly great RPG events and board gaming tournaments.

Tickets on Sale Now!

We're using this year for our ticketing and scheduling. Tickets on sale now. Buy now before prices go up!

D&D Adventurer's League will once again be joining us this year!  

Puffing Billy is coming back to Colorado and will be joining us this year! We are so pleased to have them joining us. 

Special Guests:

Richard Launius - designer of Arkham Horror, Defenders of the Realm, Elder Sign, Dragon Rampage and more.

Mike Fitzgerald - designer of Diamonds, Mystery Rummy 1 Jack the Ripper, Nitro and X-Men trading card games.