Gaming on Your Schedule

Conclave of Gamers V is officially a go! Conclave 2016 will be April 21 - 24, 2016. It will once again be at DIA Crowne Plaza.

Passes are on sale now. Buy now during pre-reg and save!

A weekend of open gaming!

Conclave of Gamers is an open tabletop gaming convention in Denver, CO. That means no seat fees, and mainly open, unscheduled play. Play what you want, when you want. But we still have lots of scheduled events too, mainly great RPG events and board gaming tournaments.

Print out a CoG16 Flyer to give to your family, friends, hand out at your game group or put out at your favorite FLGS (friendly local game store)!

Schedule Is Online!

Once again is hosting our online schedule:

The schedule is public but only those with passes can RSVP for games. It can take up to 24 hours after buying a pass to get the email invite from but usually is much less than that.

To RSVP for a game just select the "Add to my Sched" option and you'll be both added to the game's roster and have the game added to your personal game calendar for the event!

Over a Hundred Events on our Schedule and We're not Done Yet!

So, hope you are coming prepared to get your game on! And remember that in addition to scheduled events, most of our events are unscheduled because they are determined by you!


CrokinoleTichuInfinity TournamentHordes of the Things
Android: Netrunner League
Warhammer 40k: Conquest LeagueBlood BowlLoopin' Louie

RPG Groups:

D&D Adventures' League with scores of events! 

Rocky Mountain Savages with dozens of events!

Special Thanks and Sponsors

Shark Mounted Lasers: "Terrain Worth Fighting Over"

Video Board Games & Video Games

Dark Infinity will be bringing their cool touch tables again this year with a large variety of board games implemented on touch tables and lots of sessions. They also will be play-testing some multi-player interactive games, where you need to bring your own smart phone/tablet.
BAP Gaming and Zen Pathz return to Conclave of Gamers 2016. Stop by and play some great video games.
BAP Gaming and Zen Pathz return to Conclave of Gamers 2016. Stop by and play some great video games.

Designers & Play-Test Games

Virgillio SanAndres with all his bigger than life gamesIan Bach with Centuries
Fred Poutre from Cloven Fruit GamesPaul Lell from
Colorado Game Designers GuildJoseph Caldera with RPCheese
Jonathan Woodard from FlightlessKevin Fowler from Summit Games, LLC
Chris McCown from Grey Guard GamesMaher Sagrillo from Tempest Tome Games
Eric Williams with House RulesJustin Schaffer from Terra Nova Games

BGG No-Ship Math Trade

Dave k (davek) is running a no-ship math trade on BGG, the exchange will happen at Conclave on Saturday morning at 10:00am.

Venue Info

Address: 15500 E. 40th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80239. Easy access from I-70 (on Chambers Rd) and from Peña Blvd (on 40th Avenue). Also easy access from I-225 (exit to east I-70, stay in exit only lane to Chambers Rd).

Map/Location: The are a variety of local restaurants (list).

Reservations: The Crowne Plaze is excited to have us join them this year and so they have extended a great room rate to our guests: just $105.00 a night!

Online: Online Reservations

Phone: Make sure to mention your with Conclave of Gamers (block code: COG) to get our special room rate. Call 888-233-9527 (on smart phones you can click the number to make the call).